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New help for tenants worried about their fire safety

Following the Grenfell Tower fire Citizens Advice has published three new pieces of on fire safety, to give support and guidance to people concerned about fire safety in their homes.


Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Halton, the advice charity’s local office, Hitesh Patel said;


“Last year our advice team helped 472 people with housing related advice queries, of whom 96 wanted help because they were not happy about the suitability or quality of their rented accommodation.  We help tenants deal with a vast range of housing problems; from what to do if they fall behind with their rent to dealing with damp, from what to do about noisy neighbours to getting help to dealing with disrepair.  However the tragic events seen in Grenfell Tower and the ongoing reports about more and more buildings being found to not meet fire safety standards are understandably making tenants and their families worried so we have issued new guidance because it is important that people understand their rights and what actions they can take.” 


To this end Citizens Advice has published more detailed information about what people can do to make sure their flat is fire safe.  There is also information about what tenants can do if their flat isn’t fire safe and what tenants can do if they have been told that their flat is safe but they disagree.  Tips include; how to approach your Landlord for example if you’re worried there are not enough smoke alarms, asking for copies of fire safety assessments and also how to escalate matters if your complaints are being listened to.


Halton BC Executive Board member responsible for Housing, Cllr Ron Hignett, added;

“Here in Halton we might not have the large high rise flats we see in major cities but some people may still be worried about the fire safety of flat they live in or they may be worried about family members and friends who live in flats further afield.  So, to help people better understand their rights I am really pleased that Citizens Advice have issued this guidance.”


For more information about “fire safety in flats” go to: