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GROW Workshops – Taster Sessions

When you sign up to the GROW support you’ll get access to the regular GROW workshops. With workshops on GROWing your confidence; motivation; learning; CV writing; job searching skills; job applications; interview skills; and managing money skills – there’s a workshop to suit everyone’s needs.

At the moment the workshops are on Zoom – but we’re planning getting back to face to face delivery when we know we can do this safely.

We’re running Taster sessions of our GROW Workshops in May and June 2021.   See below for more information.

GROW your confidence how to develop self-confidence and keep on building it

Date:  10.30am, Thursday 13th May 2021

Having a healthy level of self-confidence is important at most times in our lives – but at the moment, faced with the stresses of a global pandemic, or if you have recently lost your job, or you’re worrying about increased competition in the job market, it’s more important than ever to focus on your self-confidence.

This FREE Taster session will:

  • help you understand what self-confidence is
  • give you some tips to start working towards building your self-confidence
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GROW your motivation – how to get your mojo back after a year of lockdown

Date: 10.30am, Thursday 20th May 2021

We all know how hard it is to motivate ourselves – be it to lose weight, go to the gym, or to find training or jobs. During lockdowns, with so much uncertainty, stress, and long days with nowhere to go, it’s been even harder than ever to get motivated.

This session will:

  • give you some tips to help you start to get your mojo back
  • help you start thinking about working towards some small achievable goals, rather than placing too much pressure on yourself.
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GROW your learning – how to get the best from online learning opportunities

Date: 10.30am, Thursday 27th May 2021

Even as things start getting back to ‘normal’, chances are most learning opportunities will have changed, and more learning will be delivered online. While we all know face-to-face learning is great for asking questions, having conversations, and feeling focused on learning, online learning can have its advantages too.

This session will:

  • help you think about some of the advantages of online learning
  • give you some tips for learning online
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GROW your CV writing skills – how to make your CV stand out from the rest

Date: 10.30am, Tuesday 8th June 2021

For most people, the thought of writing a CV can seem like a nightmare – but a good CV is an important tool to help you get an interview, where you can show employers who you are and what you’re capable of.

This session will:

  • look at some common pitfalls when writing a CV
  • give you some tips for writing stand-out CVs
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GROW your job searching – how to find that perfect job match

Date: 10.30am, Thursday 10th June 2021

After a year of lockdown and high numbers of redundancies and businesses closing down it would be easy to feel despondent about your job searching. But there are jobs out there, so what can you do to help focus your energies on job searching?

This session will:

  • look at some of the barriers to job searching
  • give you some top tips for kick-starting your job searching
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GROW your job applications – how to sell the best version of you

Date: 10.30am, Tuesday 15th June 2021

Like writing a good CV, writing a good job application isn’t easy. But there are a range of tried and tested tools you can use to make your applications easier to tackle, and write them to reflect the best version of you.

This session will:

  • look at some common barriers to writing job applications
  • help you understand how to show yourself in the best light in your applications
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GROW your interview skills – how to shine in front of the panel

Date: 10.30am, Thursday 17th June 2021

When you’re job searching, getting an interview is half the battle. Getting to the interview stage is a big achievement and something to feel really good about. And then your nerves kick in. There are ways to prepare for interviews that will help you settle some of your nerves and help you shine.

This session will:

  • look at some common barriers to doing great interviews
  • help you work out a plan for preparing for interviews, so you can focus on shining in front of the interview panel
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GROW your budgeting skills – How to make the most of your money

Date: 10.30am, Tuesday 22nd June 2021

This lockdown year has been a year of us not really feeling in control of anything. Add money worries to that, and it’s easy to just bury your head in the sand and wait for it all to be over. But working on a budget, and doing your best to stick to it, can be a great way to feel just a little bit more in control.

This session will:

  • help you understand how simple budgeting can help you feel more in control
  • help you take steps to get ready to do a budget that suits your needs
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