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New Horizons Project



New Horizons is an innovative project offering support to those living in the Liverpool City Region who experience specific and multiple barriers to accessing job search, training and education opportunities that enable them to compete effectively in the employment market.


Through offering a person-centred approach our advisers will offer advice, training and support that will improve the lives of local residents enabling their movement into work, education or training.

New Horizons will support Halton residents to:

  • Improve their financial capability i.e. the ability to manage their money better, and financial resilience i.e. the ability to cope with changes in circumstances
  • Improve their confidence to help people consider their options for training, education, and employment opportunities
  • Progress into training and education opportunities which will enable them to be more work ready

The New Horizons project is part-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), with The Women’s Organisation leading on the partnership for the Liverpool City Region New Horizons programme.