Family Support Project

Family Support Project

Our Family Support Project offers targeted support to Halton families with children aged between 0-19, as well as expectant parents, and kinship carers.

The project, funded by The Henry Smith Charity and Halton Borough Council, provides advice and information on a whole range of issues including benefits, problems with money and debt, accessing food and fuel vouchers, as well as advocacy support when dealing with other agencies, such as children’s social care.

Our project team are only a phone call away and can work with families who are struggling due to complex issues or those who just need a little bit of extra help to manage day to day.  We always try get families the help and support they need as soon as possible.

People who have accessed the service have told us that:

  • Having someone to contact directly when issues arise is really important;
  • Having more long-term contact with an adviser (if needed) is important, rather than one-off advice from different advisers over a period of time;
  • Having support that has a financial benefit (through benefits advice, fast track referrals to debt advice support, and access to foodbank, fuel and other vouchers when available) is really valuable; but most of all
  • Having someone to talk to, especially for those with little or no family support network in place, is really important, and makes a huge difference.

For more information on the support, or to access support email:

Or phone: 0151 257 2449 (leave a message)