If you represent a local organisation and would like to refer someone to our service please use the form below.

Please note that we only accept referrals on this form for enquiries in the following areas.

      1. Debt Advice
      2. Energy Efficiency Advice
      3. Fuel voucher referrals (Energy Support)
      4. Food Voucher referrals

For any other enquiries please ask your client to get in touch with us themselves.

We will either make contact with the client directly or book them an appointment to be seen by a caseworker. We aim to contact all clients referred via this form within 3 working days.

We will call you on the contact details you provide if we are unable to make contact with your client. You will receive a confirmation email when you submit the referral.

You should include any information which you deem necessary for a good referral. This may include special category data.

We still have an obligation to ensure that information we store about clients is done so with their consent. Therefore, when we contact a referral client we will go through our usual consent gathering process to confirm the client is happy for us to store the information that you have shared about them, and remove any information we do not have the right to store.

    Please confirm you have permission to refer your client to Citizens Advice? (required)


    By ticking this box you are confirming you have permission to pass on the personal details of your client and that, if you have chosen to share your client’s special category data with us, that you have obtained your client’s explicit consent to include this.

    Please ensure your client is aware of our Privacy Policy. A summary version is available as a downloadable PDF document here

    Debt AdviceEnergy Efficiency AdviceFuel voucher referrals (Energy Support)Food Voucher referrals

    Client Details

    Put ‘none’ if not known

    Put ‘none’ if not known